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Incredible Discoveries - Media Planning and Buying

Media Planning and Buying

  • DR Television (Long/Short Form)
  • Print, Radio, Direct Mail, Inserts
  • Online and Email
  • Daily - Weekly Reporting
  • Closed Captioning and 1-800/URL Customization
  • Duplication, Distribution & Shipping
  • Media Funding

The success of any DRTV campaign is planning, positioning and test, test, test. In order to get the best payout on your media, Incredible Discoveries works with the best DRTV media agencies that specialize in DRTV media placement. Agencies that have proven experience buying media for DRTV campaigns. The agencies will typically use historical data on similar products in the same category and will use profiling to hit the right audience. A typical media test can be achieved through targeted national cable networks and local and regional networks. The goal on any test is high call volume and an MER (Media Efficiency Ratio) at least one-to-one to find out if the product has legs. In addition, key learning will be gained on all calls to enhance the creative and understand consumer trigger points.

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